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SHELTER PSA... As you are searching for a ferret friend or friends, please note that this rescue has been and will continue to be extraordinarily cautious as to whom we consider adopting ferrets through our shelter. We are currently adopting to individuals with past ferret experience or people that have done extensive research. By that I mean, not just watching a few cute videos of ferrets playing, but have actually read and understand the complexities in keeping ferrets healthy, happy and safe. Just because you have seen one and think they are cute, doesn’t give you the privilege of owning one of ours. One of the first questions asked is availability and cost. Your adoption fee is the smallest amount of money you will need to spend on your ferret. Beware, the cost goes up from there!

In the adoption process we consider your family situation, check databases for criminal activity, young children in your home, other pets you own, your access to knowledgeable ferret veterinarians. Your veterinarian needs to be helpful in caring for an ill ferret, not just able to administer vaccines. That being said, the COVID virus has added another layer to the complex issue to adoption and ownership. Ferrets have been on the frontline of development in the COVID vaccines. Three hundred thousand of these little animals were bred and sent to labs to help test and create viable vaccines for use in fighting this epidemic. As the new T-shirts state – “If you received a COVID vaccine – thank a ferret”.

As a ferret owner you have to be aware that ferrets can contract the COVID virus and can be sick with this virus as can your family. By the time you realize that a ferret is ill or compromised, he/she can be past the point of care or healing. That is why we need families with knowledge and past experience in ferret health and understand symptoms of distress. The adoption process alone can bring on ulcers, digestive issues and other ailments for ferrets. Especially little older ferrets might not adjust well to rehoming and making new adjustments. These symptoms can be subtle or slight. Finding a vet knowledgeable vet at this point, with their tight schedules, might be too late.

These ferrets have been passed around from owner to owner – sold or given away – had to adjust, and readjust. They deserve homes that can keep them safe, healthy and protected. They are not toys, play things for your children, they deserve the best life possible.

When you contact this rescue, we do not “sell” ferrets, we adopt them with contracts and adoption fees. There will be an application process. You need to treat the director with respect. These ferrets are the responsibility of Ferret Underground and we make the decision on their placement. I guarantee that if you swear at the director or insult our ferret knowledge it will exclude you from the ferret adoption process immediately.

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The Ferret Underground....

A wisconsin ferret rescue 501.c.3

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit "no-kill" Organization

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit "NO KILL" Organization. 

1. Our organization will rescue from any source, all unwanted, neglected, abandoned and abused ferrets.  We will provide medical attention and dental care through our licensed veterinarian.  All required vaccinations will be given.  We will ensure that ANY ferret we adopt out will not be used for experimental purposes.  Any whole ferrets we rescue, will be neutered or spayed prior to adoption.  New owners/adopters, will be required to; present a driver's license for proof of identity, sign an adoption agreement with specific conditions, to ensure a humane and quality of life for the ferret.  All ferrets who are un-adoptable, will remain at our shelter for the rest of their life.  All ferrets that are rescued will be provided appropriate size clean cages, bedding, litter, "Ferret" food and water, including exercise/play time daily.   

2.  We will educate the public about ferrets and their care and will discourage breeding for any purpose.  If the adopters later decide the ferret is unwanted, or we confirm the ferret has been abused, abandoned or neglected, the owner must relinquish the ferret back to our shelter, or we will take immediate action to get the ferret back.  We will not ship ferrets or transport to states where ferrets are illegal.

3.  We will provide information and resources that pertain to ferrets health care and treatment, including all other new information and resources regarding ferrets when it becomes available. 

4.  We will operate as a non-profit, no kill organization. Membership dues, sponsorships, adoption donations and funds raised by club sponsored activities and events and any other funds, will be used directly to the ferrets in our care.

5.  Our organization will not pay any salaries.  All positions will be volunteer.