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How our story began


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Ferret Underground began as a ferret owner social network organization in 2003 and over the course of the past 12 years it has evolved into a full 501.c.3 rescue.  As a member of the staff of a ferret-friendly veterinarian in Madison, I came in contact with a lot of ferret owners.  There were times that due to circumstances, these owners  were no longer able to care of their ferrets.  I was asked if I could possibly take in their ferrets and care for them.  With my families' help and support, we opened our home as a rescue/hospice for upwards of 300 ferrets over the years.   Due to a family relocation, we were forced to move the shelter to Tomah, Wisconsin in March of 2014. Not only did we move a household, but also moved 67 ferrets with their hammocks and cages.  This move has opened up an opportunity to expand our area of service.  We have taken in ferrets from Southern, Central and Northern Wisconsin along with Eastern Minnesota. 

Donating is a factor in keeping the shelter open and being able to care for the ferrets daily requirements to thrive and survive.

We need everyone's help to succeed as a shelter and make ferrets dreams come true!  Support Ferret underground by helping us in our fundraisers!