1.  Howard H - Sponsored (BETSY) (PJ) IVORY

2.  Doug R - Sponsored (BETSY) (PJ) IVORY

3.  Eva S - Sponsored CURLEY

4.  Karen & Frank B - Sponsored (SMOKEY) RUBY

5.  Pat B - Sponsored ETHEL

6.  Tina B - Sponsored (ARYELLA) POPCORN

7.  Sandy & Bryan B - Sponsored (ABIGAIL) THOMAS

8.  Joel W - (BELLA) (GRACIE) BINX

9.  Janet R - Sponsored BINKIE & BINX

10.  Amber L - Sponsored (DARVIN) THOMAS

11.  Jesscia D - Sponsored (JAMES) CURLY

12.  Chris & Jamie R - Sponsored ETHEL

13. Marcia & Alex R  - Sponsored (LARRY)(DIAMOND) MO

14.  Heidi J - Sponsored (TONTO & PONCHO) (SMOKEY) DIANNA & RUBY

15.  Jennie & Steve K - Sponsored IVORY

16.  Paul & Phyllis B - Sponsored (PEPPER) (JAMES) RUBY

17.  Judy C - Sponsored (SMOKEY)(DIAMOND)  DIANNA & IVORY

18.  Cristie & Bob V - Sponsored RUBY

19.  Paul K - Sponsored LUCY

20.  Paula C - Sponsored IVORY

Become an Angel and Sponsor a Ferret! 

By sponsoring a ferret, you will help care for a ferret in our care.  Show your love

and print out the form, fill it out, check your sponsor box and mail it along with a

cashiers check written out to Friends of the Ferret Den, or stop by and say

hello to the ferret you are sponsoring.

After we receive your form, we will send you a photo and information about the

ferret you are sponsoring!  In addition, you will receive an Angel Wings Sponsor

Pin you can wear proudly on your shirt, hat, purse, anywhere!

You can also send gifts for the ferret you are sponsoring.

Please allow us 10 - 14 days after we receive your sponsorship, to ship your package.

Thank You!

We are given these special little angels to take care of, but they take care of us just as much.  We don't speak the same language, but they know when we are sad, sick and happy.  They give love without ever passing judgement.  ~Jennifer Matuszewski

Become an Angel Sponsor

Names in brackets (  )  means the sponsored ferret was adopted.  The Angel then received a new ferret to sponsor - in Bold

21.  Sue S & Bob V - Sponsored  DIANNA

22.  Robin C - Sponsored JENA & RUBY

23.  Nancy D-M - Sponsored (CHIPS AHOY) CURLEY

24.  Justin K - Sponsored (CHEWY) (ADRIAN) EXPIRED

25.  Karen & Michael P - Sponsored (GRACIE) BINKIE

26.  Rebecca M -  Sponsored (TONTO) POPCORN

27.  Jim & Patty D - Sponsored MO

​28.  Sandy & Syd V - Sponsored (TAYLOR) (ARYELLA) (ZOE) CURLY

29. Wendy L - Sponsored JENA & BINKIE

30. Joanne A - Sponsored (LARRY) (LUCY) RUBY & MO

31. Larry & Sue K - Sponsored (PJ) BINX

32. Elaine H - Sponsored ​(ABIGAIL) JENA

Wings are a Metal Antique Gold, feathers are beveled/texture with two secure backings

The Friends of the Ferret Den logo and all photo's on our web site, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Friends of the Ferret Den

Thank you Angel Sponsors for helping all of us here at the shelter!